Personnel policy for SMEs

Personnel policy for SMEs: it takes little effort and saves a lot of time and money
Small companies grow into mid-sized companies. You employee staff to help you. To make sure employees do not become a burden, it is also important for small to mid-sized companies to draw up a personnel policy. This personnel policy consists of a number of steps, from essential in the basis to optional at the top.
See the Model personnel policy for the SME.
Employment Contract
Employer and employee enter into an employment contract. The employer is required to record specific data related to the employment relationship in it (including primary terms of employment) and to have it signed by the employee. This prevents any differences of opinion.
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Personnel manual
Agreements with your employees should be set out in a personnel manual. This contains the secondary terms of employment, code of conduct and house rules, relating to, for example, absenteeism, leave and behaviour. What is permitted, is required and what can an employee do and not do?  This prevents discussions and conflicts.
The law requires you as an employer to provide your employees with clarity and information. The employer has the authority and is therefore in charge. I make sure you are in charge.
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Job profiles
A good job profile consists of a job description and information about the working conditions. You use the job profile as a guideline for a job interview and any performance and assessment interviews. You record your employee's skills, responsibilities and results so they can be checked and measured.
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A good remuneration policy prevents discussions and uncertainty. You have insight into expected salary costs and create clarity for your employees. This may also mean a flexible remuneration policy.
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You conduct performance reviews with your employees to discuss their commitment and level. You conduct these reviews using the job profiles. Will this review affect the allocation of a bonus? Make sure you are objective.
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You want to see your employees grow. You want them to be and to stay motivated and to improve their performance and results. You encourage this by giving training and guidance.  
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